Some Canadians Question the Fairness of Hiring Processes

Two thirds want companies to rely on “blind résumés”, where the applicant’s name, gender, age and ethnicity are not included.

Vancouver, BC [October 14, 2021] – A significant proportion of Canadians are not convinced that the process to find a job is entirely impartial, and almost one-in-five say they faced discrimination on a hiring process because of their age, a new Research Co. poll has found.

In the online survey of a representative national sample, 51% of Canadians think doing well at a job interview is more important than knowing how to perform at a specific job.

While a majority of Canadians (55%) believe that every person has a fair chance of landing a job in Canada, two-in-five respondents (40%) disagree with this assessment.

Almost half of Canadians (47%) agree with the notion that all Candidates that apply for a position are taken seriously, but a similar proportion (44%) disagrees with this point of view.

More than half of Canadians (53%) think it is not worth applying to jobs that advise that “internal candidates” will be considered—a proportion that rises to 59% among those aged 18-to-34.

“Majorities of Canadians aged 35-to-54 (55%) and aged 55 and over (62%) say they have never encountered discrimination when looking for a job,” says Mario Canseco. President of Research Co. “In stark contrast, only 40% of Canadians aged 18-to-34 report the same experience.”

More than one-in-five Canadians (22%) say they interviewed for a job that ultimately went to an “internal candidate”, while a similar proportion (18%) experienced discrimination in a hiring process because of their age.

More than one-in-ten Canadians claim to have experienced discrimination in a hiring process because of their gender (11%) or due to their ethnicity or national origin (also 11%).

Some companies rely on a technique called “blind résumé” for hiring processes. In a “blind résumé”, personal details such as the applicant’s name, gender, age and ethnicity are not included.

Two thirds of Canadians (67%) think companies in Canada should implement the “blind résumé” technique—including 71% of women and 77% of those aged 18-to-34.

More than half of Canadians (52%) say that people usually got promoted in the companies where they have worked on because of performance and merit, while one third (33%) say promotions happened because their colleagues knew how to deal with company politics.

Results are based on an online study conducted from October 4 to October 6, 2021, among 1,000 adults in Canada. The data has been statistically weighted according to Canadian census figures for age, gender and region in Canada. The margin of error—which measures sample variability—is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

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