What we do

Simply put,  we are curious about what people think and the decisions they will make. Some call it public opinion, others call it polling or public affairs.

We never compromise facts for profit. Our agenda is the truth.

Clients and media outlets know that we don’t sugarcoat our findings. We are proud to shed a light on issues and aspects no one else has thought about.

Elections allow us to prove that our research is valid. Our track record is the only thing that matters.

How we do it

We have a global network of partners in the qualitative, data collection and data visualization specialities.

Who we are

Mario Canseco has analyzed and conducted public opinion research since 2003, designing and managing research projects for clients across private and public sectors. Mario is a sought-after commentator on political and sociological issues, and writes a column for Glacier Media. His articles have also appeared in the Vancouver Sun, the Globe and Mail and the National Observer.

Starting in 2007, Mario’s work as an electoral forecaster in four different companies has resulted in 127 correct predictions of democratic processes in Canada and the United States, including five Canadian federal elections, 24 Canadian provincial elections and three United States presidential elections.

Throughout his career, Mario coordinated research teams for a global public opinion firm that operated in Canada, the United States and Britain, worked as an editorial researcher for Peter C. Newman’s books “The Secret Mulroney Tapes” and “Here Be Dragons”; as a researcher at the Liu Institute for Global Issues at UBC; and in various journalistic roles around the world.

Mario holds a Masters of Journalism from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelors in Communications.