Young Voters Give Biden National Lead in U.S. Presidential Race

The presumptive Democratic nominee is ahead of the incumbent president by double digits in the West and Midwest.

Vancouver, BC [April 8, 2020] – Joe Biden holds the upper hand over Donald Trump in the United States presidential race, a new Research Co. poll has found.  

In the online survey of a representative national sample, 50% of decided voters would cast a ballot for the presumptive Democratic nominee, while 44% would support the Republican incumbent and 6% would back another candidate.  

In 2016, Trump garnered 46% of the popular vote, two points behind Hillary Clinton (48%). Trump secured 306 votes in the Electoral College to Clinton’s 232.  

“In April 2012, Barack Obama was seeking re-election and held a six-point lead over his presumptive challenger, Mitt Romney, on the popular vote” says Mario Canseco, President of Research Co. “At the same point in 2020, it is the incumbent president who is six points behind.”  

One-in-ten American voters (10%) are currently undecided—a proportion that grows to 14% among those aged 18-to-34.   At this stage in the race, there is no sizeable gender gap among decided voters: Biden holds similar leads among men (49% to 44%) and women (51% to 44%).  

A majority of American decided voters aged 18-to-34 (58%) support Biden, while only 36% would cast a ballot for Trump. Biden has a seven-point lead over Trump among decided voters aged 35-to-54 (50% to 43%), but trails Trump by three points among decided voters aged 55 and over (50% for Trump, 47% for Biden).  

Biden is ahead of Trump in the West (53% to 42%) and Midwest (53% to 41%). The race is closer in the Northeast (50% for Biden, 46% for Trump) and in the South (48% for Trump, 45% for Biden).  

Trump is supported by 95% of decided voters who describe themselves as Republicans. Biden’s rate is lower among Democratic decided voters (83%). A majority of Independent decided voters (52%) prefer Biden, with Trump at 39% and 9% backing another candidate.  

More than three-in-five African American (74%) and Hispanic / Latino decided voters (64%) support Biden. Trump holds a nine-point lead among White decided voters (52% to 43%).  

Trump is holding on to 94% of decided voters who supported him in the 2016 election, while Biden garners the backing of 84% of those who supported Hillary Clinton.  

Decided voters who get their news from CNN and MSNBC / CNBC support Biden (74% each), while seven-in-ten decided voters who watch Fox News (70%) would cast a ballot for Trump.


Results are based on an online study conducted on April 3, 2020, among 1,000 American adults. The data has been statistically weighted according to U.S. census figures for age, gender and region. The margin of error—which measures sample variability—is +/- 3.1 percentage points, nineteen times out of twenty.
Find our full dataset here and download the press release here.

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Mario Canseco, President, Research Co.